Apex Legends season 7 Ascension trailer shows off the lush new map and shiny new vehicle

Apex Legends season 7 Ascension has dropped a brand-new trailer, and it's jam-packed with exciting new goodies, including vehicle battles, a new Legend, and a utopic new map. Check out the trailer above, and read on for more details.

The trailer begins with the rocket on World's Edge taking off and causing some havoc in the process, which has me wondering if the map will temporarily (or permanently) be out of rotation in season 7. Your favorite Legends hop on a ship and jump to Olympus, a beautiful floating city that's the most idyllic map we've seen yet. I'm talking sunny skies, lush gardens, and gorgeous futuristic architecture. I can't wait to blow this place up. 

The Ascension trailer also gives us a better look at the new Legend, Horizon, and the abilities she'll bring to the arena. The Scottish astrophysicist will have gravity-based abilities, including one that will temporarily suspend enemies in mid-air so you can pick them out of the sky, Duck Hunt style. Horizon will certainly be a fun Legend to add to your team. 

We also get a good look at the Trident, a new hover vehicle that your entire squad can fit in and exchange gunfire from. This will shake up the Apex Legends meta more than any new Legend could. It'll be interesting to see how the vehicles take damage and whether or not you can mow over an enemy with them - either way, expect Olympus to get rowdy.

Apex Legends season 7 Ascension drops on November 4. We'll be getting a chance to go hands-on with the biggest new season yet, so stay tuned.

Okay, so Horizon and Olympus are definitely why the mysterious UFO just appeared in Apex Legends.  

Alyssa Mercante

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