Apex Legends season 13 trailer reveals new hero Newcastle, Bangalore's shield-wielding brother

The first Apex Legends season 13 trailer introduces the shooter's next hero: Newcastle, who happens to be Bangalore's long-lost brother Jackson.

The cinematic trailer sees Newcastle team up with Bangalore and other Apex Legends heroes when a massive sea monster invades Storm Point in the middle of a match. It's here that Respawn seems to establish Newcastle as primarily a defender, as you can see him using his massive shield to protect the other Legends, even dragging a downed fighter away from the action to rest behind his protection. 

The trailer does show brief snippets of Newcastle shooting at the monster, but most of what's shown is him defending against attacks using his shield. EA calls Newcastle "the Hero of Harris Valley" and says he'll "need to shield his squadmates and his secrets to survive the Apex Games."

Apex Legends' 13th season, titled Saviors, launches May 10, but a more in-depth "hero reveal" is happening this Thursday, April 28. Along with brand-new hero Newcastle, the new season will introduce big changes to Storm Point related to the creature from today's trailer, as well as a reworked ranked system and a new battle pass packed to the brim with goodies. There will probably be a laundry list of smaller changes in the new season too, but we'll have to wait a couple more weeks for the patch notes to arrive around launch.

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