Apex Legends Olympus map started out as a Titanfall 3 concept

Apex Legends season 7
(Image credit: EA)

Apex Legends is getting a new map called Olympus in Season 7, and it turns out the map originally began life in Titanfall 3.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier explains the origins of the map. "At one point, there was a Titanfall 3 in the works after we launched Titanfall 2," he says. "And Olympus wasn't called Olympus at the time, but that style of map was something that we were exploring for the next Titanfall game."

Grenier delves into detail on the scrapped Titanfall 3, saying that while they were "building Titanfall, we sort of discovered this battle royale game mode within that." This battle royale mode would turn into Apex Legends, which the team would then choose to work on over more Titanfall. 

But, Grenier says the map we're seeing in Apex Legends was pretty much redesign from its original inception in Titanfall 3. The director explains to Eurogamer that the team "didn't really bring any of the old layout over," and it was instead the inspiration of the clean, floating city that Respawn ended up using for the Olympus map in Apex Legends.

As for Titanfall 3, it's unfortunately not in the works right now at Respawn. Nothing's changed from earlier this year in May 2020 when the developer originally shot down speculation about another Titanfall game.

It's a crying shame that we'll not be seeing another Titanfall game for the foreseeable future, but I'm still incredibly impressed by what Respawn are pulling off for Season 7 of Apex Legends. Now then, I'm off to play Titanfall 2 again.

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