Apex Legends Evo Armor buff drops today

(Image credit: EA)

Apex Legends Season 6 drastically changed the meta by swapping all armor to a nerfed version of Evo Armor - now that armor will revert to its original value according to an official EA blog post

The Season 6 meta change meant you'd no longer have to scrappily search for high-level armor and avoid getting into early battles - now you could pick up pre-levelled Evo Armor and evolve it quickly as you go. This encouraged earlier gunfights and more aggressive gameplay. However, that armor came with a 25 hit-point reduction, drastically dropping the time-to-kill. Apex Legends players weren't too happy about that.

Respawn has just announced that all Evo Armor pieces have been reverted to their previous values - but will remain the only armor option in the game. This change is based heavily on player feedback - although Respawn extensively tested Evo Armor and found in their internal tests that "players were achieving Red Armor (125) shields more often" which caused individual players to outplay teams more consistently, the 25-point drop in armor value proved to be too much for everyday players. "We are a small group of people compared to the millions that play Apex Legends every day," the post reads. "The skill levels in our team are varied, and big balance changes are really only going to be vetted when we get feedback from all of you."

With the Evo Armor change comes a handful of other bug fixes, including a hilarious Rampart bug that caused her "No Mercy" finisher to spam "Boom" to the entire server, and some other small fixes. You can read them all in the blog post here.

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