APB Reloaded hits 3 million users

Reloaded Productions' APB Reloaded has just passed the 3 million user mark, reports the game's publisher, GamersFirst. The free-play action-MMO's open beta period concluded with the retail release of version 1.0 last week; GamersFirst also reports that less than a week after the finished game's release on Steam, the title's already made it to the #2 spot on the platform's free-play charts.

GamersFirst calls APB Reloaded “the world's first free-play open-world action game,” offering an experience comparable to Grand Theft Auto or Crackdown in a mass-multiplayer, F2P setting. The game's release coincides with the release of its Fight Club update, which allows players to choose between the core open-world game and a series of tighter-designed arenas for quickfire third-person-shooter play. The company's pledged to support the Fight Club update with a growing roster of game modes, as well as keeping the wider APB Reloaded community on its toes with new content and updates.