Anti-Venom and Silence prepare for a symbiote battle in Extreme Carnage: Riot #1

page from Extreme Carnage: Riot #1
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Marvel's Extreme Carnage event is ramping up with a spotlight on Riot, one of the so-called Life Institute symbiotes whose history springs from the early days of the original Spider-symbiote, Venom.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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In Extreme Carnage, the returned Flash Thompson/Agent Anti-Venom fights against the murderous Carnage and the Life Institute symbiotes - with Andi Benton/Silence, another symbiote hero, getting special tutelage from Thompson in this preview of Extreme Carnage: Riot #1 (opens in new tab) from writer Alyssa Wong with artists Frank Galan and Jim Campbell.

Here's a gallery of interior pages from Extreme Carnage: Riot #1:

"I've always loved symbiotes. Top of the list, possibly more than any superhero or supervillain when I was a kid. Weird, lovely xenobiology? Big, man-eating monsters? I'm in!" Wong told CBR (opens in new tab) back when Extreme Carnage: Riot #1 was first announced.

"Unfortunately, I'll never get to be a symbiote host. But I'm beyond stoked to contribute to Extreme Carnage, the symbiote event of the summer!" she states. "We'll be following Riot, one of the Life Foundations Symbiotes, on a fateful road trip. I can't wait to share this story - and the rest of the saga, written by the incredible Extreme Carnage team - with you soon!"

Extreme Carnage is told through a series of one-shots, each focusing on a different symbiote character with ties to Carnage and Venom as they navigate the post King in Black (opens in new tab) changes to what it means to be a symbiote host. It's all organized by a writer's group who Marvel calls the 'Symbiote Hive,' consisting of Wong, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Clay McLeod Chapman, and Steve Orlando.

Extreme Carnage: Riot #1 goes on sale on August 25.

Riot is just one of the many symbiotes who have spun-off of Venom - but the main Marvel symbiote has a long legacy all his own. Here are the best Venom hosts of all time.

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