Anime dating sim about filing your tax return gets delisted from Steam

Tax Heaven 3000
(Image credit: MSCHF Product Studios Inc)

Tax Heaven 3000 garnered attention earlier this week for the promise of filing your real-life tax returns, but now it's been delisted from Steam.

Yesterday on March 22, Tax Heaven 3000 commandeered plenty of attention on Twitter for being a game where an anime girl could help you file your actual tax returns. MSCHF's game pledged a romantic visual novel whereby you befriend a charming woman who's weirdly obsessed with your taxes.

Now though, just a day later, Tax Heaven 3000 is gone from Steam entirely. It's not entirely clear why MSCHF's game has been delisted, by speculation abounds that Valve might've deemed the game to be a scam, and given it the boot from the digital platform entirely.

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There's also the matter of privacy with personal details - many were perplexed yesterday that the anime woman could ask for your social security number. However, MSCHF co-founder Daniel Greenberg told Kotaku that this isn't something players will have to worry about, because Tax Heaven 3000 doesn't connect to the internet.

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Still, this could be a factor in why Valve decided to delist the game from Steam. If you're looking forward to Tax Heaven 3000, there's good news to come from all of this, as MSCHF's game will instead launch via Tax Heaven 3000 should be set to launch next week on PC, just in time for the April deadline of filing your personal US Federal tax returns.

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