Anarchy Online embraces virtual item sales

Funcom is celebrating Anarchy Online's sixth birthday by introducing a point-based system where players can purchase virtual items, new content and services.

The new system for the sci-fi MMO is due to the launch this summer, and the first virtual items to kick off the program will be jetbikes and hover boards. Along with this, the developer is to offer previously released scout-mechs, luxury apartments, Leet pets and various sets of social clothing.

In addition, players will be able to use points to get access to previous and upcoming expansion and booster packs, as well as new services like changing in-game names or moving to another server.

What do the points cost? Well, initially they can be purchased in two different packs costing $10 and $20. Or, Anarchy Online paying subscribers "will receive a set of monthly points included in the subscription price, and longer pricing plans like 6 and 12 months gives extra points. As an added incentive Funcom will send points to the player account upon receipt of subscription dues."

Providing an example of what you can get for your money/points, the developer says jetbike prices start at around $3, while a complete set of jetbikes costs $10. You can see concept art for the jetbikes and the hover boards in-game (very Back to the Future) in theImages tab (opens in new tab).

June 27, 2007