An incoming Destiny 2 update will finally buff the drop rates of Dreaming City cosmetics and One Thousand Voices

In a long overdue effort to make a few infamously rare Destiny 2 cosmetics more obtainable, Bungie will buff the drop rates of several items in an upcoming update, most notably the Dreaming City's ship, Ghost shell, and Sparrow pieces. The studio briefly discussed these changes in a previous This Week At Bungie blog post, as well as potential drop rate buffs for One Thousand Voices and the BrayTech weapons, but community manager dmg04 only recently confirmed that they'll arrive in update 2.2.1, which is still "a few weeks" away. 

If you're wondering why these items are so important, chances are you're incredibly lucky. Destiny 2: Forsaken introduced collectible seals which let you attach titles to your character in order to display your accomplishments, from scouring the solar system to dominating in Crucible matches. On paper, seals are great aspirational content - a way to motivate players to 'complete' their favorite portion of Destiny 2. But in practice, many seals proved frustratingly difficult to obtain due to the RNG drops tied to them. 

After the Gambit seal, Dredgen, the two most random seals are the Dreaming City seal, Cursebreaker, and the Last Wish seal, Rivensbane. For Cursebreaker, you need the aforementioned trio of Dreaming City cosmetics, while One Thousand Voices and other Raid cosmetics are tied to Rivensbane. (One Thousand Voices is also a powerful and iconic weapon that accomplished raiders deserve to own, but I digress.) 

The other challenges tied to these seals can be cleared through skill and effort, but obtaining those specific items comes down to sheer luck. As a result, many would-be Cursebreaker and Rivensbane owners have had their seals held hostage by bad RNG - in some cases, for several real-life months and hundreds of in-game hours. I got lucky with my drops, but I've heard and read countless horror stories from friends and strangers who are dozens or hundreds of attempts dry. So while it's nice to see the drop rates on these items getting a buff, this is one change that really should've come several months ago. 

Destiny 2 Joker's Wild added a whole new array of triumphs and collectibles to chase, to say nothing of several new activities. 

Austin Wood

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