Among Us clone beats Among Us' all-time Steam player record

Goose Goose Duck
(Image credit: Gaggle Studios)

An Among Us clone has actually beaten Among Us in terms of record Steam concurrent player numbers.

If you're unfamiliar with the game itself, it's Goose Goose Duck, a social deduction game where players must work together to complete their mission, while trying to catch out the Mallard and other birds that have invaded their duck-oriented space in disguise. Sound familiar?

Currently, SteamDB (opens in new tab) shows that Goose Goose Duck just recently earned a peak concurrent player count of 489,669 just earlier today on January 4. That staggering figure puts it ahead of Among Us which, according to SteamDB (opens in new tab) figures, attained an all-time peak concurrent player count of 447,476 two years ago.

Heading to Steam (opens in new tab), players of Goose Goose Duck are under no illusion of how the game riffs on Among Us. One review is simply written as "AMONGOOSE," while another Steam player even claims that Goose Goose Duck is "better than Among Us," mainly because there's more maps and roles for players.

Goose Goose Duck actually first launched in October 2021, but it's only relatively recently that the social deduction game has completely exploded in popularity. Just earlier this week on January 2, the game's official Twitter account (opens in new tab) notified users that servers had basically reached maximum capacity.

The game's developer stated that it had anticipated a huge increase in player numbers, however, but not to this degree. Thankfully, servers were restored a day later on January 3, and operations resumed as normal. Goose Goose Duck has been around for a while, but now it's rocketed to new heights.

Among Us just became one of Steam's biggest games last month, after a member of BTS streamed it to an audience of millions. 

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