American McGee: The GamesRadar Interview (Part 2)

GR:Has there been any consideration of sequels? Bad Day NY or Bad Day SF, perhaps?

AM: Our hope is to have a "Bad Day" for every major city in the world. Already we have plans for a Bad Day Tokyo. We just need to find a publisher and drink a lot of sake. We'll leave the U.S. alone for a while, or at least until the CIA assassination squad stops following me around.

GR: Will we see a Bad Day LA for the 360 or other next-gen platforms?

AM: Bad Day LA is a PC and Xbox title. If we're able to do sequels such as Bad Day Tokyo in the future, then those will be created on next-gen.

That's part two of our exclusive interview with American McGee. If you missed the first half, it waits for youhere. And make sure you check out our exclusive gameplay video - just click on the Movies tab above.