Alleged footage of PlayStation exclusive sci-fi RPG leaks online

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(Image credit: Sony)

Footage of what's apparently a "sci-fi RPG" from PlayStation has leaked online.

The footage itself, which lasts merely a few seconds, can be seen in the tweet just below, published over the past weekend. The Twitter account claims that this is an exclusive PlayStation RPG, possibly being made in Unreal Engine 5, and developed by Sony's XDEV studio in Liverpool, England.

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The tweet humorously mentions that people are apparently dubbing the footage "Gears of Mass Effect." The clip, which shows a player character with a rifle walking towards a gigantic, moving alien-like construction in the far distance, certainly does appear to be a blend of Gears of War's muddy battle-hardened aesthetic with Mass Effect's alien worlds. 

What's more, the Twitter user claims that we should be seeing more leaks of this unannounced game from Sony's XDEV throughout 2023. It's not entirely clear if the leaked game is still in development at XDEV, as this could well be footage from years ago, but that portion of the caption seems to indicate the leaked game is an ongoing projects at the studio.

Given the visual quality of the footage, it wouldn't be a surprise if this was older footage from XDEV's game. The studio, if you're unaware, typically helps other PlayStation-owned studios ship their games, and has helped out on the likes of Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Returnal over the past few years for PS5. If this leak is genuine, this could be XDEV's step up into their first original game. 

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