All the PSVR2 games announced at State of Play

Journey to Foundation
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If you're a PSVR 2 owner - and you missed our State of Play February 2023 live coverage - Sony has a few surprises for you, providing looks at five more games coming to PSVR 2 including some new reveals.

The Foglands is a western-themed horror shooter due to launch sometime in 2023. The brief teaser shows us some gunplay and melee combat, where you're fighting against hordes of undead enemies in surrealistic environments. While PSVR 2 has taken some heat for the volume of its library that's made up of ports, The Foglands is a brand-new announcement for today's show.

But speaking of ports, we also got another look at Green Hell VR. This jungle survival game was announced for PSVR 2 last year and is already available for other headsets, but it's due to hit Sony's new headset sometime later in 2023.

Synapse is a shooter set in an abstract sci-fi world, giving you a gun in one hand and telekinetic powers in the other. You can lift enemies to shoot them in midair or toss them into the abyss, and can similarly grab and toss explosive barrels and other environmental items to give yourself an advantage in battle. Synapse is a PSVR 2 exclusive due to launch in 2023.

Maybe the biggest surprise out of these titles was Journey to Foundation. Yes, that's Foundation as in the Apple TV show, but this game is based on the original Isaac Asimov series rather than the adaptation. The trailer shows off a bit of stealth and gun combat - and even some more supernatural powers - but it looks like this one will be heavily story-driven, with lots of character interaction. Journey to Foundation is due out autumn 2023.

Finally, we got another look at Before Your Eyes. This award-winning indie game is controlled by your blinks, which makes it a perfect fit for PSVR 2's eye-tracking features. The teaser here shows a bit of the game's emotional story. Before Your Eyes is due to hit PSVR 2 on March 10.

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