All Destiny 2: Forsaken owners now get the Year 2 Annual Pass for free

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Bungie is changing the way it sells content with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Going forward, all Destiny 2 expansions and season passes will be available on a standalone basis. In the spirit of this change, today Bungie made the three-part Year 2 Annual Pass free with Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Here's a quick refresher. Forsaken is the big-old expansion that kicked off Destiny 2 Year 2. The Annual Pass is a three-part collection of smaller DLCs which rolled out over nine months as three seasons of content. Forsaken was originally $40, and the Annual Pass was originally $35, but now Forsaken comes with the Annual Pass and it's available for $25. Which is a good deal for everyone, to be sure, but a few questions remain.

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Earlier this year, Bungie said that in order to minimize barriers to new players, it would sell all pre-Shadowkeep content in a new $40 all-in-one bundle. However, because of New Light, the Destiny 2 free to play entry point coming this October, everything in Year 1 is now free to everyone. And because the Annual Pass is now free with Forsaken, it is everything pre-Shadowkeep. Buying Forsaken now gets you all of Year 2, and again, Forsaken is available for $25 right now. 

So is the new $40 bundle Bungie mentioned still coming? Will it effectively raise the price on Forsaken (though $40 is still $35 off the original price of Forsaken plus the Annual Pass)? Does it come with anything else to justify the implied price hike? We've reached out to Bungie for clarification here, and will update if we receive a reply. 

In any case, if you played Forsaken but you never got around to buying the Annual Pass, now you can play it for free. Happy days.

Bungie recently outlined Year 3 of Destiny 2 in a new ViDoc.  

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