Aliens Of The Deep review

James Cameron's affinity for the ocean depths continues with this follow-up to his Titanic-touring IMAX doc Ghosts Of The Abyss. Here, though, it's the future rather than the past that Jimbo's eyeing, as he and a team of scientists ponder the link between marine life and the sort we may one day meet in yonder cosmos.

"This is way more exciting than any Hollywood special effects!" crows Cameron as he heads for the seabed. Ironic, then, that the highlight here is a CGI space-probe trip to Jupiter's ice moons, a breath-catching sequence infused with a sense of Kubrickian grandeur. Conversely, the boffins' slightly forced, child-like zest is all a bit Blue Peter.

At 50 minutes, this doesn't have the scope of the recent Deep Blue. From volcanic vents to swarming shrimp, however, there's no shortage of watery wonder. And with the spectacle presented in super-sized, high-definition 3D, it's a brief but truly immersive experience.

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