Alien Isolation trademarked

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation filed a trademark application for Alien: Isolation on October 16. Spotted by Siliconera, the trademark is largely for use with various types of video game software, but also for products including mousepads, decorative magnets and eye glasses.

Sega has held the Alien game license for seven years, during which it has overseen the release of a mixed bag of titles including 2010's Aliens vs. Predator, 2011’s Aliens: Infestation, and this year’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. In 2009 the publisher cancelled an Aliens RPG that had been in the works at Obsidian.

In May 2011, Sega announced that Total War studio The Creative Assembly was working on a new action game in the Alien series. Mike Hayes, then Sega West boss, said at the time: "This is very much a triple-A project. We want this to be a peer to the likes of Dead Space 2." Could it be Alien Isolation?