Alan Wake is returning to digital stores just in time for Halloween

Rejoice, Alan Wake fans: the cult classic horror game is coming back to digital stores over a year after it was unceremoniously pulled from sale. Developer Remedy Entertainment announced its triumphant return on Twitter earlier today, adding that Alan Wake is already back on Steam and will come to Xbox "very soon." 

The studio also briefly explained how this was made possible. For the unfamiliar: back in May 2017, Alan Wake was pulled from physical and digital stores because the licenses for some of the music in it expired. At the time, Remedy said it was looking into relicensing the music but had "no time frame" in mind. Fortunately, Microsoft has now stepped in and renegotiated the rights to the music so Alan Wake can be sold again. Not only that, the game is back with all the same music. "Nothing has changed," Remedy confirmed

Alan Wake is currently available for $3 on Steam - a full 80 percent off its normal $15 price. The discount is good through Thursday, November 1, and Remedy did say the game will come back to Xbox soon, so hopefully Xbox players will also be able to cash in on the cheaper price. And if you missed this odd duck of a horror game the first time around, you really should give it another look. It's not going to wow anyone graphically, but its story and characters still hold up after all these years. 

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Austin Wood

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