Alan Wake 2 newcomers don't need to have played the original game

Alan Wake 2 gameplay screenshot PS5
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You don't need to have played Alan Wake or Control to enjoy Alan Wake 2, developer Remedy Entertainment has confirmed.

Yesterday on May 24, shortly after a new trailer for Alan Wake 2 showcasing a release date premiered, Remedy put out a big FAQ article for their sequel. The article reveals that going into Alan Wake 2, you don't need to have played either Alan Wake or Control, or Control's AWE DLC, to enjoy the new game.

"Alan Wake 2 is a sequel but set up as a stand-alone experience. Newcomers can enjoy the thrill-ride with no past knowledge of the previous game. For the returning fans there are tons of lore and connections to be discovered," the FAQ article from Remedy reads.

Elsewhere, the FAQ states that newcomers don't need to have played Control's AWE DLC before the new game, although it is recommended for fans of Remedy's wider universe. If you recall, Alan Wake made a cameo appearance in Control's second DLC, which is basically what confirmed the two games were connected.

Yesterday's trailer chiefly showed off a brand new protagonist for Alan Wake 2, meaning we'll be playing as not just the titular writer, but also newcomer Saga Anderson, who happens to be an FBI agent. Alan Wake 2's release date was also revealed as October 17.

However, Remedy's sequel will be a digital-only launch, skipping out a physical release entirely. This is to keep the retail price for the game down, Remedy revealed afterwards, as Alan Wake 2 costs $59.99 via digital, but could've easily have been even more at a physical price point.

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