Alan Moore on Watchmen

He's not putting his name to it. Speaking to Wizard magazine, Moore confirmed what we've long suspected, it doesn't matter how faithful Zack Snyder's going to be to his graphic novel equivalent of War And Peace - he's not interested in seeing a film version.

"I got a piece of paper—they must’ve learned something from the “V for Vendetta” debacle. I got a piece of paper a couple of months ago saying, “I, the undersigned, hereby give you permission to take my name off of the film and to send my money to Dave Gibbons.” So I sent that back to them all signed and sealed, which means that now I don’t have to rant and spew about the film. I’m just simply not interested in it."

Still, despite not having to rant, he did manage to get one last V For Vendetta dig in: "I won’t be watching it, obviously. I can at least remain neutral to it as long as they’re taking my name off of it and not playing these silly, ultimately futile games like they were doing last time, which worked out so well for them. No, I’m keeping well away from all of that."

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