Akiba's Trip’s up-skirt trailer

The latest teaser for Aquire'spantsing-based brawler, Akiba's Trip, shows off the game's recreation of Tokyo's geek-friendly neighborhood, Akihabara. So far, the game looks pretty accurate, with the exception of the rampant invasions of personal space, privacy, and up-skirt photography.

It looks like players will be able to slide under the skirts of the famous Akihabara maids and snag a few quick pics. Check out the trailer above to see it for yourself. We've spentlots of time in Akihabara, and while we've seen maids and can recognize nearly every locale in the trailer, we've never seen power-sliding otaku snagging sensational shots of undergarments.

The up-skirt fetish is a big thing in Japan. Before the advent of cell phone cameras, it was not unheard of to catch a man with mirrors on his shoes in the Tokyo subway. After the invention of cell phone cameras, the problem of train chikan (perverts) snapping pictures became so bad that all Japanese cell phone manufacturers voluntarily increased the volume of their fake shutter sounds on the cameras and removed the mute option. Interestingly enough, the iPhone is the first popular phone in years that has a silent photography option.

Feb 21, 2011