Age of Conan open beta imminent

Jan 16, 2008

It was understood that Funcom wouldn't be conducting an open beta for its MMO Age of Conan, but according to the developer wires have got crossed regarding its plans.

An open beta will occur prior to the game's release - between March and May this year - however it'll operate a little differently to traditional open betas other companies have launched for their MMOs.

"We are planning to have an open beta for the game as we get closer to launch, however, it will be through specific partners and require an application/registration process, much like most of the other betas for most other games," community manager Shannon Drake has explained.

She continued in a forum post, "We will be limiting the number of keys we release to a manageable number at any given time, rather than subjecting people to queues and loading screens and so on. By 'a manageable number,' we mean tens of thousands, not just a handful."

Usually players aren't required to go through an application/registration process to access open betas. They download the client, create an account and away they go.

Courtesy of CVG.