Age of Conan Collectors Edition unboxed

Funcom released 111,000 copies of the Age of Conan Collectors Edition, and every last one has been sold. That’s a big enough deal as it is, but you really know a game’s got traction when it starts showing up on Craigslist. And that’s just one ad inWashington, D.C.- we found them in Seattle,San Francisco, Atlanta, Austinand New York, too. Someone’s even using HonoluluCL for guild recruitment.All of which is at least a nice change of pace from the ways gamers sometimes useCraigslist.

(For handy reference: The cheapest AoC Collectors Edition we found on CL: $95 in Austin. The most expensive: $300 in Las Vegas.)

So, what exactly does that $95-$300 get you?

Here’s Funcom’s description:

-Hand-finished, metal-embossed oversized collector's box with inlay page and individually numbered holographic sticker
-Leather map of Hyboria (faux) 14" x 20"
-The Ring of Acheronia (exclusive in-game item)
-Unique Bonus DVD featuring trailers, behind the scenes, developer diaries, and rich artwork
-Official Age of Conan soundtrack CD
-Art Book (128 pages)
-Five free guest passes giving friends online access to the game for a limited time
-The Drinking Cape (bonus in-game item)

Here’s our description:

Above: Oversize collector’s box with holograph sticker

High: Shaped like a big book, may fool people into thinking you’re literary.
Low: Too impossibly huge to fit on any bookshelf.

Above: Pleather map of Hyboria

High: Plasti-chemical smell is literally intoxicating.
Low: “Distressed” treatment renders it entirely useless as a map.