Batman: Arkham Knight got a free update after 8 years that briefly added Robert Pattinson's The Batman suit

Robert Pattinson's Batman suits in Batman: Arkham Knight
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Update - October 27: Robert Pattinson’s The Batman skin was swiftly removed from Batman: Arkham Knight, mere hours after being quietly added to the game’s Epic Games Store version.

WB Games and developer Rocksteady have yet to comment on the costume's mysterious appearance and even more mysterious removal. But the eight-year-old game comes to the Nintendo Switch on December 1st, so we may see the skin pop up again soon to coincide with the upcoming port.

Original story: Batman: Arkham Knight has received a seemingly random update eight years after it was first released, adding in a costume from 2022’s The Batman film.

Players spotted the shadowy suit earlier today, which perfectly recreates the film’s sharp but bulky design. Suits in the game don’t normally recall previous Batman actors, but, at some angles, I could swear that Robert Pattinson’s eyes were behind the mask. Expressive eyeball movements were half the allure of that flick, to be fair.

Screenshots that began to surface on social media capture the brooding and dangerous vibes that go along with the Battinson suit - which is actually just called “The Batman Skin - 2022” in the game, with a perfect description that reads “I am the shadows.”

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The Batman suit was seemingly (and quietly) added to the game via an update on the Epic Games Store. As of the time of writing, the update doesn’t appear to be live on the Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation versions. 

Batman: Arkham Knight is also headed to the Nintendo Switch - as part of the Batman: Arkham Trilogy - on December 1st. Perhaps Rocksteady plans to add the suit then to coincide with the new port. Perhaps the Epic Games Store update went live a little early. That’s all pure speculation, but I’m guessing the Battinson suit won’t be relegated to just one PC storefront forever.

Batman: Arkham Knight closed out an excellent trilogy in 2015, and while that version of the Caped Crusader popped up again as part of a comic issue, the hero hasn’t received a standalone game since. In the meantime, developer Rocksteady has been hammering away at Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League, a co-op action extravaganza that sees our playable anti-heroes go up against Batman and his brainwashed friends. It’s currently scheduled to launch on February 2, 2024.

The Batman Part II received a new title, release date, and details earlier this year.

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