After 2 months, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are working together to help completionists 100% the game

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A couple of months after the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players are now working together to 100% their save files, down to every last tiny landmark.

Over on the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit, there are multiple recent posts from Zelda completionists that are desperately working towards finishing the game once and for all. We've spotted several of these posts so far, and it's heartwarming to see the community coming together to help these players finally put their save files to rest. 

One of the biggest new cases came from a Reddit user called u/Optima22, who shared a screenshot of their Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom map at 99.91% completion. Desperate to reach 100%, Optima22 put out a call for help on the subreddit titled: "Can anybody tell me what I could be missing?" 

Thankfully, it didn't take long for the community to put their heads together and help them out, suggesting several places where they may still have some things to iron out before finishing the game for good. 

Can Anybody tell me what I could be missing? from r/tearsofthekingdom

"I FOUND WHAT I WAS MISSING!!" Optima22 updated fellow players a day later, "the guards' chamber in Hyrule Castle was the last location that I needed. Thank you everyone who suggested ideas and tips to find what I could be missing, please feel free to use the sources that were provided to me to help yourself in your own playthrough." 

Other players seem to be having a similar problem to each other - collecting all those pesky Lightroots in the Depths. Two players managed to find 119 of them but were struggling to find that final 120th Lightroot. Once again, Zelda fans came to the rescue, telling both players exactly where they need to go to obtain it, with both players needing to head somewhere different. 

119/120 Lightroots. Sorry but please help. from r/tearsofthekingdom

On the other side of the Zelda news cycle, one Tears of the Kingdom player has been pushing Gannon to his limits by coming up with increasingly silly ways to mess with him during a boss fight. This was all fun and games until the very same player got banished to a creepy "punishment cell" for breaking the game too hard. Let that be a lesson to you all. 

Working toward completing the game yourself? Take a look at our Zelda:Tears of the Kingdom Sky Island shrines guide.

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