Advertising invades Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft sends word that this week's pair of Xbox Live Arcade releases will be addictive RPG puzzler Puzzle Quest and advert game Yaris (which has everything to do with the motor).

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, we're told, is the cheapest version yet of the ultra-polished puzzle game, and should already be drawing in the certain journalists inour office who play the DS version in the pub, instead of being sociable or looking at pretty girls.

The XBLA version sports a single-player campaign mode and offline multiplayer bouts. It's yours for 1200 points - well worth the price if you know how addictive it is.

Yaris meanwhile is a Toyota advert game that we know bugger all about. It's probably going to be rubbish but we're not complaining - free Achievements!

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Above: Play the game - Live the car

Courtesy of CVG