Activision shoots down claims that “over 500,000” Call of Duty accounts were hacked

(Image credit: Activision)

Activision has shot down claims that Call of Duty accounts have recently been hacked.

Posting to the official Activision Support Twitter account, the publisher tweeted that "reports suggesting Activision Call of Duty accounts have been compromised are not accurate." The publisher reiterated that all players would receive email notifications whenever changes have been made to their Call of Duty accounts, and that they should contact Activision if the changes were not made by them.

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As recently as yesterday, multiple Twitter users were claiming that their Call of Duty accounts had been hacked. Some claimed that they had lost their entire progress on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, while others claimed that "over 500,000 accounts" had been breached.

Activision has denied a breach or hack of any sorts. "We investigate all privacy concerns. As always we recommend that players take precaution to protect their Activision accounts, as well as any online accounts, at all times," the publisher stated earlier today.

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