Activision exec is posting through it to swing Microsoft deal

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One Activision Blizzard exec is quite literally posting through it.

That would be Activision Blizzard executive vice president of corporate affairs Lulu Cheng Meservey. Yesterday on February 21, Microsoft headed over to Belgium to argue the case for their Activision Blizzard acquisition in front of the European Union, and Meservey is doing her bit by throwing in memes .

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Some quick backstory for that meme: Sony was reportedly offered a 10-year deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation from Microsoft, to which they apparently declined. This has brought about Cheng Meservey's meme above, which is arguing that if Sony does end up losing Call of Duty on PlayStation systems, they've probably only got themselves to blame.

I'll hand it to Cheng Meservey - this sure is one way to deal with the increased scrutiny surrounding Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard. 'Posting through it' isn't necessarily a bad thing, and when it's a trillion dollar corporation throwing jabs at a billion dollar corporation, it can admittedly be a little hard to take the entire thing seriously.

Cheng Meservey is a little bit of what's become known as a "shitposter" - she previously tagged in the Federal Trade Commission on Twitter to an argument where she alleged Sony would be fine with Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard because The Last of Us TV show was just so damn good. Judging by the memes, it's probably a tag Cheng Meservey wouldn't have a huge issue with.

Hey, considering what a circus the conversations from corporations have become surrounding the acquisition, what's one more meme added to the pile?

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