Ace Combat 6 screens emerge

Yesterday the series of tubes that is the internets was abuzz with news that Ace Combat 6 would be appearing on 360. Today we can confirm that news, and the US release is currently slated for some time this fall (we'll bet it's the holiday, what do you think?). More important than that old news, however, are the first screens of the game in action, available up there on the Images tab.

You've probably read a bit on various websites about Ace's "Dynamic Operation System" and the confirmed Xbox Live play with global rankings, but so far details on the game's "Allied Support System" have yet to be mentioned. We'll have more on that on April 2nd, when we kick off a weeklong look at Fires of Liberation and the entire Ace Combat series. Hands-on reports, interviews, developer retrospectives, we'll have it all. But, for right now, if we had to gush just one moment of pure joy from this game, it's all about vapor trails. Oh man, the trails. Seriously.

Above: You'll be fighting alongside scores of allies

This Friday you'll have plenty of ways to show your Ace love by hitting Xbox Live Marketplace and downloading icons, art and concept art for your dashboard. Namco's official announcement states that the European release will be revealed at a later time.

For a refresher on the series, check out our reviews for the most recent games in the series,Ace Combat Zeroand Ace Combat X.

March 21, 2007