Abandoned game director confirms leaked images are real

Abandoned PS5 exclusive
(Image credit: Sony / Blue Box Games Studios)

Images from Abandoned, the upcoming PS5 horror title from Blue Box Game Studio, have leaked via the game director’s PSN account. 

Studio founder Hasan Kahraman replied to a tweet (opens in new tab) recently which confirmed that the leaked images were real, but that they come from a 2019 version of the game, which Kahraman states “was a lot different back then” and was used to test the PS4’s power. 

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The three screenshots (opens in new tab) in question don't give much away due to how dark they are. However, they appear to be taken in an outdoor forest setting in the game, which has a similar feel to Bloober Team’s 2019 horror game Blair Witch

One thing we did notice, however, in the screenshot containing the brick wall, is that when the brightness level is brought up, a large, quite prominent mushroom is visible. That could be part of some kind of collectible or crafting mechanic in the game - similar to the survival horror game The Forest

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Abandoned, as well as its developer Blue Box Game Studio, has been surrounded by mystery ever since the game was first revealed via the PlayStation official Twitter account. There has been a number of rumors that the game, as well as the studio, is a coverup for Hideo Kojima’s next horror project. That speculation spread so quickly that Blue Box had to put out a statement denying the claims. Despite the team's efforts, however, Kojima theories continue to plague the studio

As these photos are supposedly from an older build of the game, it’s possible that it no longer looks anything like this. The studio is releasing Abandoned’s first trailer this month through a PS5 exclusive app so we’ll have to stay tuned to find out if our crafting theory is true, as well as what the game will actually look like when released. 

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