Abandoned developer says that Hideo Kojima rumors had a negative effect on the development process

Abandoned PS5 exclusive
(Image credit: Sony / Blue Box Games Studios)

Abandoned director Hasan Kahraman has recently stated that the rumors surrounding the studio and Hideo Kojima had a negative impact on the game’s development. 

Kahraman, who is also the founder of Blue Box Games Studio, stated in a recent interview (opens in new tab) (via WCCF Tech (opens in new tab)) that the rumors surrounding his studio and Hideo Kojima “had a negative effect on the development process with a lot of distractions.” However, he is still confident that people will really like the game. 

Rumors surrounding the independent Netherlands-based studio began shortly after the game was first announced via the official PlayStation Twitter account and soon spiraled out of control, leading the team at Blue Box Games to release a statement denying the rumors. Things then began to settle down until recently when the dev released a promotional image that some said shared some resemblance to Metal Gear Solid

Abandoned is set to release in Q4 2021, but an app designed specifically for the PS5 to premiere the first trailer of the game will be released tomorrow on August 10. This trailer was developed to showcase how the game will utilize the PS5’s DualSense controller, hence the necessity for its own PlayStation application. 

In other Abandoned news, some screenshots of an early build of the game were leaked last week, having stemmed from Kahraman’s PSN account. After being brought to his attention on Twitter, Kahraman replied confirming that the screenshots were real, but are from 2019, meaning the game looks a little different now. 

Finally, elsewhere in the interview, the video game developer also gave the tiniest of hints towards what we can expect from Abandoned when he said: “I can't reveal much about the game, but I can say that it takes place in a deserted place in America.”

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