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A Year of Hotness

With Xbox 360 out (if you can find one) and PlayStation 3 just around the corner, you might think the only place left for your old PS2 is in a box in the attic. But hold that thought, and cast your eye over our deluxe selection of upcoming titles: this generation isn't shuffling off quietly.

Valkryie Profile: Silmeria

The original Valkryie Profile, for PSone, slipped under the radar of all but a few dedicated RPG fans. Shame, because it was one of the most exciting games to hit the genre, with a frenetic action battle system and a macabre plot set against the backdrop of an apocalyptic war.

Its sequel promises more of the same compelling story and mythic action, but with a lavish graphical overhaul courtesy of the same team that created 2004 hit Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

Rage waragainst the gods late this year.