A week after release, Starfield players are sharing their must-know tips for the RPG

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It's only been a week since Starfield fully released, but some players have experienced enough to share their tips for others just getting started in the RPG.

Over on the Starfield subreddit, one fan has shared a post titled: "80+ hours in - my 'I wish I knew that earlier' list." It's got heaps of praise from other users and has prompted others to share their own tips - giving new players an excellent head start in a potentially overwhelming game at first. 

So what kind of things should beginners know before heading into the Bethesda RPG? Well, according to this player, you should save your level-up points for the skills you really want. As the post explains, "Levelling is slow in this game, so don't spend your points just to spend them." Elsewhere in the list, this Starfield player suggests you complete the Ryujin Industries faction quest first as you want to claim the rewards before you delve deeper into the game. 

They've also suggested that players don't bother picking up food or miscellaneous items as they're a "waste of space," but on the other hand that they should "always" buy any available medpacks, digipicks, and ammo from every vendor you come across. Another handy tip from this seasoned Starfield player is for players to not fast travel everywhere and to take their time taking off to new locations as "this is when you get the most fun random encounters." 

What about other Starfield players? What do they suggest? Well, one player has pointed out that Starfield follows Universal time instead of local time. What this means is that if you're waiting 48 hours for a vendor to restock their goods, you should instead check universal time as 24 hours in New Atlantis is the equivalent of 50 hours in universal time - so you actually only need to wait 24 hours for new stock. 

Other players have definitely learned their lessons the hard way, as one player reports: "Don't kill robots on stealth missions, people will be enraged." Another has had a similar experience, replying: "Accidentally gave my companion a grenade while storing loot and spent the next few hours dodging grenades. Would not recommend." 

Finally, one Starfield player has reminded us that "emergency cuttable walls are… cuttable" - something that isn't immediately obvious but turns out is surprisingly easy to get past.

You can find out our Starfield tips for beginners with our guide.  

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