A quick look at MvC3's character-specific interactions

Going into Marvel vs Capcom 3, we knew it'd be chock full of references to classic games and decades-old comic heroes. Just yesterday we rattled off more than40 cameos(in addition to the alreadyrobust rosterof characters), but as a brief follow-up to both of those topics we wanted to point out the very cool addition of character-specific taunts and grudge match smack talkin'.

For example, before each match, the lead fighters on both teams will spout off some kind of one liner. Most are generic "let's fight!" fare, but several character combinations yield specific exchanges.

Above: Iron Man hits on every female character in the game and Deadpool references the world'smost famousMarvel vs Capcom video

That's just the tip of the iceberg. With 36 playable characters talking to 36 playable characters, that's 1,296 possible interactions. The same goes for their post-battle trash talk:

Above: Akuma beats Wolverine and references a time when X-Men villain Apocalypse made Wolvie his horseman of Death

Above: Chris Redfield puts MODOK down once with fists, then with even more hurtful words

Above: When Dante tackles Dormammu, he wonders if the flame-headed demon could be related to other DMC characters

Above: Hsien-Ko begs Chris to stop shooting her, as no, she is NOT a zombie

Above: MODOK acknowledges his own massive head in this taunt directed at the loud-mouthed Viewtiful Joe

Above: Ryu, noticing Phoenix's inner turmoil, relates to her by referencing his own "Evil Ryu" persona

Again, this is just the beginning. So many possibilities that didn't have to be in the game in the first place. Very cool. Seen any that made you chuckle?

Feb 18, 2010

Brett Elston

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