A new Empire Strikes Back documentary is heading your way

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To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Farthest From, The UK Star Wars Toy Show, will be delivering a gigantic live stream that will cover every aspect of the film you can think of; from how it was made, to the fans that have been affected by it.

Due for release on August 2, Farthest From: Empire 40 will feature the director, Irvin Kershner, Empire’s editor, Paul Hirsch, 2nd Unit Director, Peter MacDonald and J.W. Rinzler, Empire’s author. John Morton, who played rebel pilot, Dak Ralter, will also feature, as will Alan Harris, who played the bounty hunter, Bossk.

A whole host of fans and experts will also be featured throughout the stream, talking about the many aspects of the film’s culture, including Retro Gamer’s very own Darran Jones who discusses the exciting videogames that were based on the iconic movie.

There will be a host of other special guests revealed as the stream continues and it’s bound to be an essential watch for anyone that loves The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars culture in general. This is a truly unique opportunity to see rare archive footage and exclusive new interviews about a classic movie that has effortlessly stood the test of time, so make sure you don’t miss out.

You can watch Farthest From: Empire 40 on August 2 at facebook.com/FarthestFromToyShow/ and it will be live from 2:00pm (UK) or 9:00am (ET), 6:00 (PT) depending on where you live.

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