A mysterious new DC superhero team comic including Batgirl is on the way - but which team will it feature?

Character designs by Travis Mercer
(Image credit: Travis Mercer/DC)

Artist Travis Mercer has been sharing some character designs intended for a mysterious new DC superhero book on his personal Twitter account. In a series of posts that started last week and concluded yesterday, the artist has been offering a sneak peek at an as-yet-untitled new project set to feature a roster of younger heroes, including Batgirl Stephanie Brown, Thunderheart, Surge, Fairplay, Quiz Kid, and Animal Girl. 

The artist also revealed that, whatever this new book turns out to be, it is being written by current Green Lantern scribe Jeremy Adams. In Mercer's original post, he wrote, "I feel like I have been doing a ton of character studies for things lately and I’m really enjoying them! Here’s Stephanie Brown Batgirl/spoiler sketch. With Cass in birds of prey, what's she up to? Well maybe ask @spacekicker."

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Adams responded to Mercer's image of Fairplay and Quiz Kid by pointing out that he recently wrote for both of these characters in the Jay Garrick: The Flash miniseries, which finishes up this April. He said of Mercer's sketch of the pair, "Travis really brought out their burgeoning friendship. Super fun!"

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Batgirl aside, this is a relatively obscure set of heroes made up of characters with familial links to more established names. Surge and Thunderheart are siblings Jai and Irey West, their Dad being Wally West, the Flash. Fairplay is Jeffrey Holt, the son of Mister Terrific, Michael Holt. Quiz Kid is Raghu Seetharaman, the sidekick of original Mister Terrific, Terry Sloane, now displaced in time. And Animal Girl is Maxine Baker, the daughter of Animal Man Buddy Baker.

Art from Justice Society of America #9

(Image credit: DC)

So is this a brand new superteam in the offing or the return of an older group? The jury is out, but it's worth noting that last week's Justice Society Of America #9 dropped a reference to the Fair Play Club - a group formed by Terry Sloane back in the Golden Age. The presence of both Fairplay and Quiz Kid here seems to point in that direction. Then again, this could be a new incarnation of the Young Justice Society, or something else entirely - right now, we just don't know.

Whatever the case, there's no word yet on when this mysterious new book will emerge, but we'll be keeping a keen eye out for this one!

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