A Link to the Past reimagined as a 242-card Magic: The Gathering expansion

So far we’ve posted full Magic: The Gathering expansions for the originalLegend of ZeldaandZelda II: The Adventure of Link. Today, we present the biggest set so far, honoring one of the best games of all time – A Link to the Past. As before, this addition comes from GR contributorKREATIVEassassin, who spent no small amount of time tweaking each card to look, read and behave like a legit Magic product, yet with distinct gameplay and graphical references to Link to the Past. In other words, there’s a Zelda-specific reason why each card does what it does.

Naturally these aren’t official in any way. But if you wanted to print ‘em out and play as a standalone Magic set (perhaps along with the other two) you totally could. Just remember: the full series skews more “Zelda” than “Magic,” so if there’s something that irks your die-hard Magic devotion, there’s a good chance it was intentional.

Want to create your own cards? Check out theMagic Set Editor, and then of course hit upWizards of the Coastfor the real deal


The “Creature” card type is used to designate living things you summon, which are usually used to attack the other player or defend yourself from other creature types. The numbers in the lower right are their power (used for attacking) and defense (used for defending). Beyond that, well, you’ll need to brush up on your Magic.

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