A lead PlayStation console architect is retiring next month

(Image credit: Sony)

One of the PS5's chief architects is resigning from Sony due to his age.

Masuyasu Ito will resign as representative director and deputy president of Sony Interactive Entertainment next month on October 1, Sony announced yesterday. While the announcement doesn't actually state the reason for Ito's resignation, a Sony spokesperson later confirmed to Bloomberg that it was due to his age. 

Ito has worked at Sony in various roles for roughly 25 years. Prior to working at Sony Interactive Entertainment since 2008, Ito worked at Sony corporation for nearly 11 years prior.

The deputy president has actually played a huge role in developing hardware over the past few console generations. Ito had a hand in designing the PS5, PS4, and even the PlayStation VR, effectively helping shape the last few generations of Sony's world-dominating consoles.

When Ito resigns and retires next month, he'll be replaced by Lin Tao, current Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president. Lin joined PlayStation after the launch of the PS2, and was instrumental in helping shape the PS3, before heading off to Sony's mobile division.

In terms of PlayStation's immediate hardware future, the PS5 DualSense Edge controller will rival the Xbox Elite controller when it eventually launches, and the new-gen PSVR 2 is slated to launch at some point next year in early 2023. Considering the new-gen headset will apparently boast over 20 first and third-party games at launch, the PSVR 2 could be a huge deal for Sony. 

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Hirun Cryer

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