A history of Bond girls

In game version of The World is Not Enough, Christmas Jones wavers between standee-grade flatness and looking like someone took a smudge tool to her face. It is a total disservice to the smoking hot actress, Denise Richards, who portrays Christmas in the film. They bring her back in Nightfire’s multiplayer mode with some improvement, but the digital is still a far cry from reality.

Upper left: Nightfire; bottom left: World Is Not Enough; right: the ex-Mrs. Charlie Sheen

Like Christmas Jones, Elektra King’s character model shows that N64 and PSone were simply not powerful enough to render the sexy. Interestingly, leading man Pierce Brosnan complained that the film wasn’t sexy enough either. He said, "In The World Is Not Enough Sophie Marceau and I had to do 15 takes of our bedroom sequence just because we saw a beautiful nipple. It's crazy. It's OK to shoot someone, but don't show her nipple."

We agree, Pierce: let Sophie’s nipple be free! Nightfire reprised Elektra King as a multiplayer character, but again the digital doppelganger is not even close to sultry Sophie’s pure sensuality.

To right of real Sophie: World Is Not Enough, Nightfire

Agent Under Fire had no film counterpart, so we have no actresses for comparison. However, it is the first Bond game on last-gen hardware so it is historically important. Agent Under Fire introduced us to CIA agent Zoe Nightshade, who, like so many others, resurfaced in Nightfire.

Nightfire | Agent Under Fire

More polygons in the models meant rounder boobs and asses, more realistic skeletal movement and breast jiggle, and the ability to render faces that don’t look like they’ve been hit by a train.

Based on real-life terrorist Carlos the Jackal, Carla is much easier on the eye with her skintight green outfit. Unfortunately, this was her only game appearance.