A history of Bond girls

The game version of From Russia With Love contained revisions to the original 1963 film, presumably because EA felt the story needed sexing up. Eva Adara, a villainess in the vein of Xenia Onnatopp, is modeled after the lovely Maria Menounos.

Elisabeth Stark is your standard helpless weepy heiress, though she definitely turned up the heat visually. This is one rare instance where the game character might actually be hotter than the actress she’s based on, singer Natasha Bedingfield...

...or so we thought till we found a few more publicity shots. We’ll concede that when made up properly, Bedingfield is in fact hotter than her 3D model.

In our estimation, the hoochies EA added to From Russia With Love seemed a bit skeezy when compared to the film’s original vixen, the sweltering Daniela Bianchi. Sadly, her game character was pushed to the background by the new, more marketable girls.

Daniela’s classic beauty and uninhibited sexuality were the perfect antidote to the prudish, uptight Cold War mentality that had gripped the world in 1963.

Quantum of Solace

We know that Activision’s upcoming Quantum of Solace game spans the events of the films Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Though no images of the sexy, sexy ladies have been released, we know that the following actresses are in the films and will likely appear in some form in the game. You saw the jump in babe-rendering power from PSone to PS2, and improve even within the last generation (compare Agent Under Fire to From Russia With Love). We have high hopes for the first crop of next-gen Bond girls in Quantum of Solace.

Olga Kurylenko

Caterina Murino

Eva Green

Gemma Arterton

Jul 9, 2008