A galaxy of Phantasy Star screens

Monday 8 May 2006
Sega has released this horde of lovely screens from this autumn's big name online role-playing game, Phantasy Star Universe.

Set to appear on PS2, Xbox 360 and PC, the game is the sequel to Dreamcast's innovative and much loved adventure Phantasy Star Online. But this time it will offer a strong story and a bolstered solo mode to match the immense worlds previously seen only online.

And whatever way you decide to play, Phantasy Star Online will offer a huge cast of heroes and hundreds of way to customise and modify your own character until they become powerful warriors.

There is bound to be plenty more to come from Phantasy Star Universe when E3 opens next week, so once you are done inspecting these images, make sure you come back to hear even more about this Sega Studios-developed MMORPG.