9 cool moments from 13 minutes of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gameplay

Hidden temples, heavily armed guards, swimming through underwater caves… it's just another day in paradise for Chloe Frazier and Nadine Ross from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Naughty Dog and Sony have released 13 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay from the upcoming spin-off, and (shocker) it's gorgeous and makes us all warm and fuzzy at the prospect of revisiting the Uncharted universe. Check it out:

This may be a new adventure starring a new leading lady for the franchise, but it looks like Lost Legacy will be blending new elements with more traditional Uncharted tropes. Here's 9 cool moments to show you what I mean:

Beautiful ruins surrounded by beautiful landscapes: check

Come on, the Uncharted series made its name with gorgeous setpieces like this.

A map (a map, I tell you!)

Sure Drake had his notebook, but unless my memory is clouded by thoughts of ancient civilizations and half-tuck shirts (which is possible), he never had a proper map.

'Oh, you'-style banter between heroes

One thing fans loved most about Uncharted was how Nate would effortlessly quip back and forth with his companions. Chloe and Frazier have that going too. Unfortunately, gifs don't have sound, so you'll just have to rewind to 2:12 to hear some.

Chest-high grass means bad guys can't see you

Which of course leads to some stealth takedowns later on.

Shhhhh, I'm being vewy vewy quiet

BANG BANG becomes pew pew thanks to silenced weapons.

The master of unlocking

What is this, Skyrim? #topicalreference

Bad romance

Nadine implies partway through the video that she and Lost Legacy baddie Asav have a romantic history. Nate had a colorful past and many personal enemies, but none of his foes was an ex.

Would you like to know more?

When Nadine asks about Shiva, it looks like players can stop and learn a bit more or press on with the adventure. Enjoy the story? Relax and take in the scenery. Just want to get to the next puzzle and shootout? Rush right on through.

Elaborate and unnecessarily complex ancient engineering

We don't see how this puzzle plays out but I'm betting the wrong jump means a quick drop and/or beheading. Ancient civilizations did not mess around.

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