80GB PS3 demise: the plot thickens

Despite being told by official sources earlier this week that rumors of the 80GB PS3 being discontinued in Europe were "speculation," said rumors are gaining momentum as more info emerges.

A source inside major US retailer GameStop has informed us that supplies of the 80GB PS3's are no longer being replenished, and the only units left are previously delivered units yet to be sold.

According to the informant, Sony will be introducing a 160GB SKU in replacement, although no price or release date details were given.

The reliability of said information is yet to be confirmed, but it is also reported that a conference call held at GameStop discussed the discontinuation of the 80GB SKU, with a 120GB PS3 on the way, to be bundled with a rumble-enabled DualShock 3 controller.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jan 31, 2008