8 characters you would never trust with your kids

We know what you're thinking, but it's not the fact that Sephiroth is a brooding, mentally unstable, sword-wielding freak that makes him an unfit custodian. It's the fact that our kids are just too young to understand that gender can get more complex than "boys" and "girls".

The author of this particular editorial has a stepson, and this stepson is legitimately unable to accept the fact that Sephiroth is a man. His naive, innocent, unspoiled seven-year-old mind just cannot countenance the concept of somebody looking like a girl but having boy parts. Even when his gender is explained, the child forgets and continues asking the question, "Why does she have that big sword?"

Let's wait until we get our children into high school before they start becoming thoroughly confused about who the males and females actually are.