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6 times the first Maze Runner: The Death Cure trailer makes The Hunger Games look like child's play

You know how these movies go. A chosen one leads a group of survivors, they escape the clutches of an evil, shadowy corporation in a dystopia and – wait, what’s that? – Maze Runner: The Death Cure’s first trailer has the group fighting back in to the dystopia? And there’s train hijackings and everything going all shooty-shooty? I’m in. I’m totally in.

The Hunger Games series may carry the torch for the YA redemption genre but Maze Runner’s third (and final) instalment looks set to raise the bar, blow up the bar, then fly away in a helicopter for no good reason other than it looks cool. Here’s 6 times the trailer for Maze: Runner: The Death Cure makes The Hunger Games look like child’s play.

Thomas and the gang are back

You can already tell this is no picnic. Thomas and Newt are looking suitably distressed – you’re nailing that look into the middle distance, guys – as the Maze Runner titles literally close in on themselves. Because metaphors aren’t metaphors unless they’re super obvious.


Saw what you will about The Hunger Games, it doesn’t have Game of Thrones’ Littlefinger, a Spec Ops: The Line-style desert dystopia and weird monster thingies. Jennifer Lawrence, eat your heart out.

Maze Runner goes Mad Max

Giancarlo Esposito is putting the pedal to the metal as the group look to break into The Last City. And there’s a train in the distance. Uh-oh…

Come on baby, steal the locomotion with me

Whatever the gang are stealing, it’s gotta be worth it. They’re taking away the whole carriage via helicopter. Even the dastardly unit out to stop them can’t SWAT them away.

Have the plans been derailed?

Lots and lots of explosions and general gunplay litter this trailer, but the explosion to derail the trial is 1) A sure-fire way to cause delays and 2) Reminds me of Uncharted 2. Which is no bad thing.

The final faceoff?

Trailers love spoiling climactic moments. So here’s Thomas pointing a gun at baddie Ava Paige. Hiss! Boo! (I’m booing at the producers, but I’m not a fan of Ava either). It’s all very moody, serious, and melodramatic. My sort of jam, then.

Image: 20th Century Fox

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