6 potentially great games that were overlooked at E3 2010


Basically, this is Braid... except it's so gloomy it might make you want to slit your wrists every five minutes. Seriously, though, apart from the dark subjective matter of a kid trying to find his sister in what is essentially Hell, this looks to be every bit as memorable, stylish and utterly unique as the incredible time-travelling XBLA masterpiece.

Aside from the striking visual style, the puzzling plat former boasts zero loading times and an advanced physics system. Watching the video above, it's clear the game is utterly gorgeous in motion. It'll no doubt be a unique, absorbing classic. We just hope we can resist the urge to stick our head in the oven while playing it.

Comic Jumper

Any game that lets you kick a damsel in distress in the back then ride her down the side of a skyscraper is alright by us. From the team behind the disarming 'Splosion Man, this looks to be one the most subversive, hilarious and tongue-in-cheek games of the year.

Stepping into the skin tight spandex of Captain Smiley as he traverses six different comic book-themed worlds, players will experience everything from a Manga-esque beat 'em up, side-scrolling platformer, to third-person shooter. If the finaltitle is anywhere near as daft or varied as the trailer above, sign us up for spandex duty right the hell now.


Written by God of War co-creator Marianne Krawczyk, this PC, PSN and XBLA bound 2D shooter is so stupidly stylish we might want to do inappropriate things to our plasma screens while playing it. Like the thought of astonishingly slick animation, more intestines and blood than a deep fried haggis, and a cracking over-the-top action plot? No? Well bugger off then.

For everyone left who actually likes fun, this EA-published potential gem hits this summer. We don't need to sell this to you anymore do we? Surely Shank had you at the dressing up as a gun-wielding nun part?

June 25, 2010