50 Most Hated Movies Ever Made

Daredevil (2003)

The Movie: Marvel banked on the growing popularity of comic-book movies to launch the cult property about a blind lawyer fighting crime with sonar-sense.

Why It Was Hated: 2003 was the year when Ben Affleck became the bloggers' whipping boy, so there was no escape - even if the better-received Director's Cut suggested that studio mishandling was largely to blame for the muddled tone and narrative.

Typical Online Review: "Daredevil sucked because it was extremely corny. None of the characters were done in a way that made you actually care about them. It was just a very amateur movie in almost every aspect. Bullseye is the worst. His opening scene in the bar .. and almost every scene with him is a big cringe. Cringe as in .. facepalm moment." statikcat, Blu-Ray.com forum

Superman Returns (2006)

The Movie: Bryan Singer's ambitious attempt to go old-school on the Man of Steel, even down to ignoring the third and fourth Reeve films and making this a belated threequel.

Why It Was Hated: Plenty of promise dissipated amidst Singer's preference for Supes' romance with a miscast Kate Bosworth over the kind of emotionally resonant action he'd brought to the X-Men films.

Typical Online Review: "Thank god for this group and you people. FUCK SUPERMAN RETURNS. Fuck it up its stupid ass." Ryan Sweeney, 'Superman Returns was an awful, boring movie. You're a tool if you disagree' Facebook group

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

The Movie: The debut production of Platinum Dunes, Michael Bay's attempt to remake classic horror, one movie at a time.

Why It Was Hated: The choice of music video maker Marcus Nispel as director set the house style for Platinum Dunes - glossy, bloody and nowhere near as unsettling or thought-provoking as Tobe Hooper's original.

Typical Online Review: "Confused yet? Bored, even? I sure was. For as many changes of scenery as TCMtR has, all of them look the same. I understand how that might be intentional--that's part of the horror, right? that there's no escape?--but how many near-identical shots of Jessica Biel running and hiding and shivering and sucking in her breath in terror are necessary to tell the story?" Cheapdate, IMDb

Terminator: Salvation (2010)

The Movie: McG swaps the candyfloss of Charlie's Angels for the grit of the post-apocalypse, as the Terminator saga continues into the future.

Why It Was Hated: Functional rather than frightful, it proved that hackwork is no substitute for innovation. Many felt that the miscast Christian Bale gave a better performance behind-the-scenes.

Typical Online Review: "Skynet's plan was beyond idiotic. So it created this hybrid terminator to infiltrate the humans, fine, that makes sense. But then why give it complete unfiltered access to all its files, why not program it to shut down or self terminate once it enters skynet. Instead, it gave the guy enough access into it's file that he could deactivate the whole facility. How idiotic is that?" Captain Hammer, IGN boards

Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)

The Movie: John Boorman's sequel to the head-spinning, crucifix-fucking phenomenon.

Why It Was Hated: Boorman blatantly wasn't interested in horror and tried to create an art-film about religious faith. The godfather of sequel outrages.

Typical Online Review: "This is a film that trashes a work of art. It's like someone deciding to do a Mona Lisa 2, but with a moustache. Everyone involved in this, apart from Linda Blair, should be ashamed for all eternity." Mark Kermode, The Guardian

Halloween (2007)

The Movie: Rob Zombie has a go at updating the John Carpenter slasher classic - now, with added backstory for Shatner lookalike Mike Myers.

Why It Was Hated: Grudging respect for the film's first half, which delved into Myers' asylum childhood, died the moment Zombie caught up with the original and delivered a scare-free rehash.

Typical Online Review: "Halloween circa 2007 is more a quick-fix marketing ploy, intended to hit a ready-made audience than an artistic cinematic endeavour. Employing the limited talents of Rob Zombie – the pin-up of MTV generation trash – to not only write but direct the new film, indicated the studio (read: the Weinsteins) weren’t interested in remaking quality just inventing box office profit." Daniel Stephens, Strange Conversation

Fantastic Four (2005)

The Movie: Light is the new dark, as Marvel bucks the trend with a movie about superheroes who like being superheroes.

Why It Was Hated: Tim Story's family-friendly vision proved too frivolous for audiences who had just seen the future of the genre in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins .

Typical Online Review: "One of the worst super-hero movies I've ever seen. Extremely cheesy, super kid friendly, and cringe-inducing dialogue with little to no action to redeem the lacking qualities." Albert K, Rotten Tomatoes

Resident Evil (2002)

The Movie: Paul W. S. Anderson met future wife Milla Jovovich while unleashing his adaptation of the zombie-virus video game hit.

Why It Was Hated: Anderson's attempts at fanboy filmmaking, with slipshod characterisation and plotting in between over-enthusiastic action, has spawned four sequels without ever really impressing anyone.

Typical Online Review: "this is my number one and will forever be the number one worst movie. im a DIE HARD, and i mean DIE HARD resident evil fan, played all the games, read all the comics even own all the action figures and collectables. and when i heard this was coming out i was so hyped.......but i was banned from my movie theater for a year cause i threw a drink at the screen and it ripped the screen, this had little to nothing to do with the games, no wesker not stars members no tyrant and alice wasent even a character in the games mila johinavioch ruined the series, i dont care how everyone says it was good it was NOT!!! the worst movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" final-fantasyxcjo, IMDb

Jersey Girl (2004)

The Movie: The end of Bennifer, as J.Lo dies and Affleck has to bring up their daughter on his lonesome. A Kevin Smith film.

Why It Was Hated: Smith could do no wrong, until he dropped the View Askewniverse and tried to make a mainstream crowd-pleaser. His next film? Clerks 2 .

Typical Online Review: "Such a dissapointment. Why did you let me down so bad!!!!!" James A, Rotten Tomatoes

Constantine (2005)

The Movie: Big-screen outing of DC Comics' cult anti-hero, a chain-smoking, bleach-blonde British occult detective.

Why It Was Hated: Chiefly, the casting of raven-haired surf dude Keanu Reeves as Constantine, although the gimmick of turning Constantine into a psychic also met with derision.

Typical Online Review: "Horrible and down right degrading adaptation of the comic book is a mishmash of stupidly masquerading as a film. Keanu Reeves should turn in his SAG card for his horrible performance and somebody should find the screenwriters of this movie and give them a good ass kicking for the horrible script they wrote." thedinasimple, IMDb