50 Most Corrupt Movie Cops

Ray Donlan - Cop Land (1997)

The Corrupt Cop: A ruthless lieutenant who covers up a shooting involving his nephew cop Babitch and faking his suicide in the process. Then, when it turns out that the case can’t be closed until they find Babitch’s body, Donlan sets about having him killed.

Lowest Moment: In revenge for an affair with his wife, Donlan decides not to help fellow cop Joey Randone after he falls on duty, and just lets him die instead.

The Sheriff Of Nottingham - Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (1991)

The Corrupt Cop: Still technically a lawman, the Sheriff enjoys a tyrannical reign over England in the king’s absence, cruelly oppressing his subjects and relishing his new power.

Lowest Moment: “Just a minute. Robin Hood steals money from my pocket, forcing me to hurt the public, and they love him for it? That's it then! Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings and call off Christmas!”

Jack Grimaldi - Romeo Is Bleeding (1993)

The Corrupt Cop: A mafia-connected policeman who gets paid well by the mob in exchange for certain ‘favours’ and is told to kill a female Russian assassin named Mona Demarkov who has made a fool of all of them.

Lowest Moment: In his attempt to dispatch Mona, Grimaldi takes her to a hotel room... where she proceeds to seduce him and gets away scot-free. Soon after, the mob catches up with Grimaldi and cuts off his toe for his ineptitude.

Abel Turner - Lakeview Terrace (2008)

The Corrupt Cop: A very unneighbourly cop who takes an instant dislike to the interracial couple that moves next door to him and makes their life a misery.

Lowest Moment: While the couple are away at a barbecue, Turner gets an informant of his to break into their house and trash it, just to try to get them to move out.

Nick Trupo - American Gangster (2007)

The Corrupt Cop: A shady detective who attempts to blackmail and extort gangster Frank Lucas in order to receive a cut of his drug money.

Lowest Moment: In a particularly ruthless move, Trupo kills Lucas’ dog in order to take the money stashed under its kennel. Actually, this might be the lowest moment in ANY film.

Bruce Robertson - Filth (2013)

The Corrupt Cop: An unhinged, bigoted policeman with drug problems and sexual obsessions who manipulates his colleagues in a bid to secure a promotion and has a nasty habit of hallucinating bizarre events.

Lowest Moment: Playing on colleague Ray Lennox’s insecurities about the size of his penis with a little festive party game and a misappropriation of the photocopier’s ‘zoom’ function.

Lau Kin Ming - Infernal Affairs (2002)

The Corrupt Cop: A triad member acting as a mole within the Hong Kong Police Force.

Lowest Moment: Having Superintendent Wong tailed by gangsters, who proceed to follow him up on a roof, savagely beat him and throw him off the building to kill him.

Sal Procida - Brooklyns Finest (2009)

The Corrupt Cop: An accomplished narcotics detective who has started to steal money found in drug raids in order to take care of his expanding family.

Lowest Moment: Right at the start of the film, Sal murders his own partner Carlo in order to steal the bag of money on his lap.

Captain Jack Wander - Street Kings (2008)

The Corrupt Cop: While main character Tom Ludlow is a cop who frequently breaks the rules, its Police Captain Wander who is at the heart of the corruption that runs throughout the LAPD.

Lowest Moment: Admitting to using incriminating evidence on fellow cops and high-ranking politicians to rise up through the ranks and keep his entire corrupt unit out of trouble.

Pete Davis - Unlawful Entry (1992)

The Corrupt Cop: A mentally unstable cop who takes an unhealthy shine to couple Michael and Karen after they report an intruder in their house.

Lowest Moment: After becoming obsessed with Karen, Davis plants cocaine in their house, framing Michael on drug possession charges, leaving the coast clear for Karen, whom he tries to rape. Luckily Michael, manages to get out on bail and return home just in time for an angry confrontation and shootout.