50 Most Corrupt Movie Cops

Flass - Batman Begins (2005)

The Corrupt Cop: A dirty cop in the pocket of gangster Carmino Falcone and the unfortunate partner of one honest James Gordon.

Lowest Moment: Other than helping out during Falcone’s drug shipments? Probably stealing the tip box from a food vendor and laughing in the poor man’s face.

William Dormer - Insomnia (2002)

The Corrupt Cop: A jaded LAPD detective under investigation by Internal Affairs for a previous case who accidentally (or was it?) shoots and kills his partner, who was due to testify against him.

Lowest Moment: Dormer admits that the previous case being investigated is one concerning a paedophile whom Dormer was certain was responsible for the death of a young child and subsequently framed him.

Frank Butterman - Hot Fuzz (2007)

The Corrupt Cop: Amiable village police inspector hiding a dark secret.

Lowest Moment: Having been discovered by efficient cop Nicholas Angel to have orchestrated several local deaths in order to keep Sandford’s running title of “Village Of The Year”, he takes his own son Danny – also Angel’s partner – hostage. Then he tries to get away in a car but is thwarted when a swan attacks him.

Randy Kennan - The Killing (1956)

The Corrupt Cop: A dirty cop with debts and a loan shark on his back.

Lowest Moment: Basically the whole movie – Kennan is enlisted into a team by criminal Johnny Clay to conduct a two-million-dollar heist from a racetrack

Bob - Sin City (2005)

The Corrupt Cop: A Basin City police officer and the corrupt partner of hero anti-hero Hartigan.

Lowest Moment: After being knocked unconscious by Hartigan, Bob tracks him down and shoots him. Three times in the back. And then five times in the chest. Hartigan survives.

Daniel Ciello - Prince Of The City (1981)

The Corrupt Cop: An NYPD officer who is approached by Internal Affairs to help in an investigation to root out his corrupt colleagues in exchange for being let off the hook for his own misdemeanours.

Lowest Moment: Ciello is seen to treat his drug-addicted informers badly, giving them access to drugs when he needed information from them, but otherwise badly bullying and harassing them.

Carol Brazier - Pineapple Express (2008)

The Corrupt Cop: A police officer who is entrenched in illegal activities that lead to a full-on gang war.

Lowest Moment: Brazier is seen by stoners Dale and Saul shooting dead an Asian man, an incident that sparks their entire adventure into gang-related killings.

Will Teasle - First Blood (1982)

The Corrupt Cop: An egotistical sheriff who takes an instant dislike to John Rambo for dressing and behaving as a “drifter”.

Lowest Moment: After kicking Rambo out of town and then arresting him upon his return, Teasle bullies and humiliates him, causing him to have Vietnam flashbacks.

William Snyder - The Sting (1973)

The Corrupt Cop: Police lieutenant with connections to mob boss Doyle Lonnegan.

Lowest Moment: After catching grafter Johnny Hooker and explaining that the money he successfully conned belongs to Lonnegan, Snyder demands to get paid part of Hooker’s share. Hooker proceeds to pay him in counterfeit notes.

Hank Evans - Me, Myself And Irene (2000)

The Corrupt Cop: The crude, ill-tempered split-personality of Rhode Island State Police trooper Charlie Baileygates.

Lowest Moment: With prison escort Irene slowly falling for nice-guy Charlie, Hank poses as his more polite other-self and tricks Irene into sleeping with him. Although is it really technically ‘cheating’ if... nope, our mind has drawn a blank.