50 Greatest Muppets

Roosevelt Franklin

The Muppet: Blues-singing Sesame Street resident who, despite being a kid, had a school named after him which he both attended and taught at.

Muppet Magic: Franklin was booted off the show after provoking major controversy for allegedly portraying negative African-American stereotypes. Despite the character being purple.

Greatest Moment: Setting a landmark spin-off by getting his very own album, 'The Year of Roosevelt Franklin.'


The Muppet: Enigmatic muso of few words who, as the Electric Mayhem's saxophonist, blew the final note of The Muppet Show theme tune.

Muppet Magic: Zoot's near-silence was down to performer Dave Goelz avoiding getting lines for the character, because he couldn't think how to deliver them.

Greatest Moment: The nod of satisfaction he gives at the end of every episode.

Mr Snuggleupagus

The Muppet: Elephantine, cave-dwelling best friend of Big Bird who, thanks to bad luck and coincidence, was never seen by Sesame Street 's adults, who assumed he was imaginary.

Muppet Magic: The joke lasted until 1985, when a high-profile sex abuse story in the media convinced the writers that the adults' disbelief might discourage kids from sharing important things with parents.

Greatest Moment: A two-part special where Snuffy really does become invisible thanks to a magic - but broken - ukelele.


The Muppet: Hawaiian-shirt wearing, coconut-featured odd job man, hired as janitor at the Muppet Theatre because he can lift just about anything.

Muppet Magic: Beauregard didn't appear until Season 3, when he replaced George The Janitor.

Greatest Moment: "We'll catch the thieves red-handed," explains Kermit in The Great Muppet Caper . "What colour are their hands now?" Beauregard asks in all innocence.


The Muppet: An explorer who knows every nook and cranny of Fraggle Rock, yet never seems fussed about replicating his Uncle Travelling Mat's journeys into 'Outer Space' - aka the real world.

Muppet Magic: A puppet redesign halfway through the first series saw Gobo get a costume change and a haircut.

Greatest Moment: His unsung work sneaking into the lighthouse every week to get his uncle's postcards, whose life lessons invariably help to save the day.

Johnny Fiama

The Muppet: Old-school Sinatra-esque crooner in Muppets Tonight , with his monkey bodyguard, Sal Minella, always in tandem.

Muppet Magic: Check the anagram - Fiama's a nod to Sinatra's alleged Mafia ties.

Greatest Moment: Duetting with his hero Tony Bennett on Muppets Tonight .

The Newsman

The Muppet: Exactly what it says on the tin, except usually this guy's bulletins ended up with him being knocked out by whatever weirdness he was reporting on.

Muppet Magic: Proof that all Muppets are friends; he was a guest at Kermit and Miss Piggy's wedding in The Muppets Take Manhattan .

Greatest Moment: Getting Spike Milligan to accompany a news report with slapstick mime.

Captain Jules Hogthrob

The Muppet: Macho, but utterly idiotic, Kirk-esque captain of the Swinetrek in 'Pigs in Space.'

Muppet Magic: Jim Henson's voice for Hogthrob was the 'stereotypical dad' voice he used at home for a joke.

Greatest Moment: The pigs are about to discover the secret of the universe, but since it's dinner time, Hogthrob wanders off to the canteen instead.


The Muppet: The flipside to Fraggle frivolity, Boober is the cap-wearing philosopher whose hypochondria has informed a life of doing as little as possible.

Muppet Magic: Jim Henson revealed that Boober was the name of an angry cow that his daughter encountered on holiday in Devon.

Greatest Moment: Eternal pessimist Boober gets trapped with chirpy Red after a cave-in and starts to lighten up.

Camilla The Chicken

The Muppet: The poultry starlet who rose from the ranks of Muppet chicken performers to date The Great Gonzo.

Muppet Magic: To avoid continuity problems and allow them to use whichever chicken puppet was at hand, the Muppeteers invented an in-joke: Gonzo didn't really know which chicken was Camilla either.

Greatest Moment: When Gonzo starts flirting with Big Bird, Camilla smashes him over the head with a flowerpot.