50 Greatest Muppets


The Muppet: The hero of 2012's forthcoming movie, The Muppets... by which time we'll know if he's worthy of making the top 50.

Muppet Magic: The movie's plot sees Walter and roommate Gary (Jason Segel) trying to reunite the original Muppet Show crew when the theatre is threatened with closure.

Greatest Moment: Come back in February when The Muppets is released in the UK and we'll let you know.

Uncle Deadly

The Muppet: Dragon-faced thesp whose fearful appearance saw him play the villain in Muppet Theatre sketches, but also freak out the backstage crew.

Muppet Magic: Apparently, a spin-off show, Uncle Deadly's House of Badness , was once mooted but never made.

Greatest Moment: Having tied Miss Piggy to the tracks in a Muppet Melodrama, Deadly charms her would-be rescuer into having a drink because they both used to be scouts.

Cotterpin Doozer

The Muppet: Radical malcontent in Fraggle Rock who shuns her fellow Doozers' prodigious work ethic to study art.

Muppet Magic: Although it's usually a rivet-style device used in mechanical engineering, a cotter pin means slightly different things in the UK and USA, so avoid getting in an argument with a builder.

Greatest Moment: Put on trial by her fellow Doozers, Cotterpin proved the nobility of the Fraggles to secure an apprenticeship as an architect.

Don Music

The Muppet: Sesame Street 's tortured musical genius who could only write songs - badly - after banging his head against the wall.

Muppet Magic: Although retired after performer Richard Hunt's death, even reruns were stopped when the PC brigade worried about kids imitating the head-banging. See also: every heavy metal band ever.

Greatest Moment: Writing the classic nursery rhyme 'Mary Had a Bicycle.'

Bobo The Bear

The Muppet: Bumbling security guard in Muppets Tonight who became Jeffrey Tambor's unusually meek henchman in Muppets From Space .

Muppet Magic: The Bobo design was one of Fozzie's fellow hibernating bears in The Muppets Take Manhattan .

Greatest Moment: Shot by Cupid's arrow, Bobo fallss in love with Cindy Crawford and has to be taught the art of romance by Rizzo the Rat.

Dr Julius Strangepork

The Muppet: German bovine scientist aboard the spaceship Swinetrek in 'Pigs in Space.'

Muppet Magic: Rather obviously, the name - and accent - is a reference to Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangelove .

Greatest Moment: Strangepork uses wires from a toaster to fix the ship, with the unfortunate side-effect that everybody pops up and down when they try to fly.

Marjory The Trash Heap

The Muppet: Literally a trash heap...albeit a sentient one that gains wisdom from a lifetime having rubbish chucked on her.

Muppet Magic: Marjory was relocated after the first season of Fraggle Rock , thus providing material for an episode's plotline.

Greatest Moment: Magically making the radishes in the garden disappear to prove the Rock's species all need each other.


The Muppet: Unique in this list for never being a 'live-action' Muppet, Scooter's twin sister appeared in animated form in Muppet Babies .

Muppet Magic: Skeeter was created specifically so that Miss Piggy wouldn't be the only girl in the nursery, but was voiced by men: Howie Mandel and later Frank Welker.

Greatest Moment: Skeeter dares to go head-to-head with Piggy for the role of Snow White.

Annie Sue Pig

The Muppet: The younger model who Miss Piggy sees as an All About Eve -style rival, professionally and personally.

Muppet Magic: Annie Sue is one of the few right-handed Muppets, because her performer (Louise Gold) was left-handed.

Greatest Moment: Annie Sue finally upstages Miss Piggy when guest Leo Sayer is more interested in her than the porcine princess.


The Muppet: Catfish-featured, dreadlock-wearing hipster who presented Muppets Tonight in the 1990s.

Muppet Magic: Clifford debuted in The Jim Henson Hour , where he was the bassist in Muppet band Solid Foam.

Greatest Moment: TV presenting? Nah, Clifford's true mojo was as the couch-dwelling slacker who advises the Muppets on all things cool in Muppets From Space .